Salute the Badge: APD rookie carries on law enforcement legacy

Amarillo Police Officer Matthew Brush receives his badge from Police Chief Ed Drain after completion of the 90th Amarillo Police Academy. Brush is a 5th generation lawmen, continuing to protect the people of the Panhandle. (Steve Douglass/ABC 7 News)

Officer Matthew Brush has wanted to wear the badge since childhood and just last week his dream became reality as he took the oath of office and graduated from the Amarillo Police Academy.

Brush was one of six graduates of the city's 90th Academy. These men completed hours of rigorous training and exams and now they are patrolling the streets of Amarillo, something Brush grew up doing with his family.

Brush comes from a long line of lawmen. His great grandfather was in law enforcement, his grandfather was the Police Chief in Hereford and his dad was named Chief of Police in Tulia last year, after serving with the Amarillo Police Department for 26 years.

"He spent a lot of time with me, that's just the nature of the beast with cop kids," Matthew's father, Tulia Chief of Police Steve Brush said.

"Growing up, I was always around the job and getting older, I'd always felt the calling. The community needs people to step up and I'm ready to do that," Officer Brush said.

"I'm real proud of him, proud of the heritage. This is just what we do," Chief Brush said.

With his graduation, Brush is now the fifth generation proud to wear the badge and carry on his family's legacy.

"I'm excited to get out and patrol, be on the beats, on the streets," Officer Brush said.

ABC 7 News salutes the Brush family for their history of protecting the Panhandle.

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