Amarillo Chief of Police, Ed Drain, reflects on his first year

Amarillo Chief of Police Ed Drain, reflects on first year in position.

Inside the Amarillo Police Department, Chief Ed Drain's office sits on the fourth floor with a view of the city. Drain has been making his mark on the department and community for a year now.

"I mean one year is just another date on the calendar," Drain said.

His anniversary may have come and gone without much recognition, but now as he sits down and reflects, he brings to light notable accomplishments the department has made under his leadership thus far.

Drain says call response times have gone from 30 minutes to about 12 minutes, the uniform division has been reorganized allowing more officers to be out on the streets when needed, more police cars have been marked, domestic violence initiatives have been taken and they're doing more community policing.

Though Drain says there has been a great deal of success, he has faced adversity.

There was a report consulting firm called KRW, surveyed the department and made a lot of recommendations," drain said.

He says some suggestions made staff members uneasy, but that they've grown stronger because of changes that were made.

"The officers and the civilian staff here have been for the most part supportive of that, and I think in some cases they've realized you know, we do need to make those changes," Drain said.

Aside from adversity, Drain has experienced the loss of a staff member.

"Probably one of the most emotional events when I was here was at the funeral for Officer Justin Scherlen," Drain said. "The city and the police department really stepped up for that, and just that whole event was very emotional and very touching," he said.

Moving forward Drain says he will work with officers and community members to lower crime, traffic incidents and impaired driving.

"The hard job here at the police department is not the job that's done by me, it's done by the guys that are out there," he said.

Drain says together, they will continue to make Amarillo a better place to live.

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