Our Town Shamrock: Texas' biggest St. Patrick's Day festival kicks off this weekend

Shamrock is home to Texas' tallest water tower and the old Tower station thats likeness was seen in the movie Cars, but it's also home to the state's biggest St. Patrick's Day celebration.

"It's a big deal every year. It's what we get ready for every year in town. It's a full week of festivities," said resident Lynn Ramsey.

The St. Patrick's Day festival is a tradition for Shamrock starting back in 1938, and it's just gotten bigger.

"I think that's what attracted the Texas Legislature to making it the celebration for the state of Texas," Weatherby said.

Coordinators for the festival said no one will be left out, and there will be something for every one at the festival.

"The Miss Irish Rose Pageant, the Laden Lassie Pageant, the Midday Carnival, William Clark Green is going to be here with the banquet," Weatherby said.

"Allan L Bean, one of the Apollo astronauts who walked on the moon, will be our guest speaker and be the Grand Marshal of the parade." General Chairman of the St. Patrick's Day Festival Greg Garrison said.

"The Donegal beard contest is always pretty fun," said Assistant Chairman for the St. Patrick's Day Festival.

The small town on Route 66 has a population not much more than 2,000 people, but during the festival they expect more than 20,000 people, making it the biggest celebration in Texas.

"People come from everywhere. People come as far as Alaska," said Weatherby.

"It's a celebration of Irish heritage mixed with West Texas. It's a second Christmas season. It's a big homecoming for a lot of us," Garrison said.

Coordinators say to wear your best green.

"Everybody come on down, we've got it all," Weatherby said.

The Festival is March 13 thru the 15. The parade starts at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday.

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