Our Town Guymon: Pioneer Days Rodeo

More than 900 cowboys are in Guymon, Okla this week looking to make a run at $400,000 in prize money.

The Pioneers Day Rodeo is a strong tradition in the town, so much so, that's it's gaining national recognitition. The rodeo will be inducted into the prorodeo hall of fame during a special ceremony Aug. 8,2016 in Colorado Springs.

Organizers said the prize money has nearly tripled in the last twenty years and the number of contestants has doubled making the guymon rodeo one of the best across tha nation.

"I came here specifically for the rodeo and the reputation it has for how tough it is," Professional Rodeo Cowboy Joe Frost said.

For production manager it takes so much more than a tough rodeo to put this event into perspective.

"This rodeo was created to cater to the contestants," Ken Stonecipher said. " This kind of event really shows the character of the town and the neat thing about small towns is that it's communities working together."

Rodeo action will began Monday and lasts last until Sunday, May 3, at Henry C. Hitch Pioneer Arena.

"I work for eight seconds each day," Frost said. "Just trying to ride every bull I get on for eight seconds and make it look as pretty as I can."

For more information on the Pioneer Days Rodeo, click here.

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