Our Town Dumas : A look at the Lions Club

Through strength in numbers, the Lions Club in Dumas is able to do more than just raise funds and eat. When pressed into action, members give back to the community in a number of ways.

"We're just part of the puzzle that helps the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations," said Rowdy Rhoades, Dumas Lions Club President. "We really are a big piece to the puzzle to make the community work."

The Lions Club in Dumas founded Dogie Days. This year marks the 69th annual. The four-day event raised $104,000 last year and each year the Lions Club likes to add to the event in order to help raise as much money.

"This year we're doing some re-arranging," said Deana Houlette, Head Wrangler. "We are moving some games over that were in the stands that weren't as productive like the rooster egg stand. The rooster egg stand is one of our biggest attractions and people's favorites as people come down to get rooster eggs."

Women started joining the club in 1988. Billie Faye Schumaker holds the distinction of being the first "Lady Lion" and she says it's been worth every dollar spent and every minute volunteering.

"It's like being an ambassador for your town," said Schumaker. "Giving back is everything. Lions Club members have lunch and have fun, but there is more to it than that, it's about giving back to the community."

Besides Dogie Days, the club holds numerous events throughout the year and through service they're designed to help improve the quality of life.

"I think it goes back to the Lions," said Rhoades. "We have some real strong people who are deep rooted members. They serve and we're like family. We work together to get things done."

The Lions Club in Dumas meets every Thursday at the Club House from noon to 1 p.m.

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