Warrant: Elderly Abilene man charged in human trafficking case had $5 million in gold

Howard Collier

The Abilene Police Department executed another search warrant on Monday at the home of an elderly Abilene man charged in a human trafficking case.

The warrant does not specify what police found at 71-year-old Howard Collier’s home, but it reveals that he had $5 million worth of gold and that he gave more than a million dollars to kids in exchange for sexual favors.

Collier was arrested Dec. 19 and charged with continuous trafficking of persons.

According to the warrant, Collier “gifted his house” in the 500 block of Jolly Rogers Road to a good friend and that Collier did that because he believed police were going to seize his house.

Police said that Collier also gave 254 pounds of gold, worth an estimated $5 million, to the uncle of two of his female victims.

The girls had gone to Collier's house and “were given cash and gold for various reasons,” according to the warrant.

On Jan. 5, Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge said that there were at least five victims, but the warrant states that “six other victims” came forward, which would mean that there are at least seven victims.

Among the victims is a now 20-year-old man who said that he moved out of to state to get away from Collier and the victim told authorities that Collier paid him over a million dollars in cash and gifts over a two-year period in exchange for sex.

The victim said that he was just 16 years old the first time that they had sex and he also said that Collier “would buy him whatever car or truck he wanted, but (Collier) wanted ‘favors’ in return.”

A girl under the age of 17 said that Collier paid cash to watch her and a female friend perform oral sex on each other.

On Dec. 13, another girl under the age of 17 told authorities that Collier offered to pay her “$1,000 in cash per week to perform oral sex with her on a weekly basis," but she said that she refused his offer.

On the same day, a male who started going to Collier’s house to do yard work told authorities that Collier made him the same offer and that he also refused his offer.

The boy also said that he stopped going to Collier’s house because “he would always solicit him for sex.”

On Dec. 14, a male under the age of 18 said that Collier performed oral sex on him and then paid him $5,000 on three separate occasions.

Another victim told authorities that Collier gave him gifts, including a vehicle, but did not proposition him for sex until he was 18 years old.

Alan Reicheneker, the friend who was “gifted” the house where the sexual activities allegedly occurred, told authorities that he could not believe the accusations against Collier.

Reicheneker said that “(Collier) is such a good person and has such a big heart.”

Reicheneker said that he was aware that boys would go to Collier’s house to do yard work, but that he never saw any sex occur.

Reicheneker said that he and Collier talked about Collier hanging around young boys and how easy it would be for someone to accuse Collier of wrongdoing.

Collier is out of jail on $250,000 bond and a plea hearing for him is scheduled for Aug. 31.

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