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      From Storm Search 7 Meteorologist Alyssa Pawlak-

      TONIGHT - Clear, Calm & Cold

      Low: 22

      Wind: NW/W 5-15 mph

      WEDNESDAY - M. Sunny & Seasonal

      High: 53

      Wind: W 5-15 mph AM/ Lt. & Var. PM

      WEDNESDAY NIGHT - M. Clear & Below Freezing (again!)

      Low: 26

      Wind: Lt. & Var./ SW 5-15 mph

      EXTENDED FORECAST - A quiet weather pattern is nestling in here on the High Plains and it's looking to stick around for quite some time. We're really not looking at much variation when it comes to our weather for the next several days. We'll enjoy plenty of sunshine with highs running near our seasonal "norm" of 53 degrees. Our nighttime hours will be cold with lows tumbling into the 20s and low 30s. A cold front will track through Saturday night into Sunday morning. It was initially looking like it would bring in some isolated rain and snow showers, however, the latest model runs are no longer supporting that. In fact, all of our models were completely dry for that time frame this afternoon. For now, we're going with a partly cloudy sky on Sunday with a high temperature of 50 degrees. We'll warm back to the middle 50s for Monday and take it to the upper 50s by Tuesday!

      For more weather information, you can follow me on Twitter at @AlyssaPawlak7 and on Facebook at Storm Search 7 Meteorologist Alyssa Pawlak.

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      Record High77F
      Record Low8F