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      From Storm Search 7 Meteorologist Nicole Hartford-

      TODAY - M. Sunny & Warming

      High: 51

      Wind: W/NW 10-20 mph

      TONIGHT - M. Clear & Cold

      Low: 22

      Wind: NW 10-20 mph

      WEDNESDAY - M. Sunny & Seasonal

      High: 53

      Wind: N 5-15 mph

      WEDNESDAY NIGHT - M. Clear & Cold

      Low: 26

      Wind: W/SW 5-15 mph

      EXTENDED FORECAST - The warm-up continue today as temperatures climb up to the 50s across the area. Sunny skies will keep temperatures warm through the end of the week, and thanks to an upper level ridge of high pressure sitting right over us, conditions will remain clear. The next disturbance doesn't arrive until this weekend. A cold front Saturday will drop temperatures down to the 40s once again on Sunday, and we could also see a few isolated showers of a wintry mix of rain and snow late Saturday night and Sunday morning. Accumulation right now does still look minimal, but we could pick up on a trace amount of snowfall up to 3" or 4" for a few select areas. The front will blow through quickly, leaving skies clearer and temperatures warmer to start the next work week.

      For more weather information, you can follow me on Twitter at @NicoleHartford7 and on Facebook at Storm Search 7 Meteorologist Nicole Hartford.

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      Today's Record Temperatures

      Record High77F
      Record Low8F