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      85 / 52
      65 / 48

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      From Storm Search 7 Meteorologist Nicole Hartford:

      TUESDAY: M. Sunny & Warm

      High: 86

      Wind: SW 10-20 mph

      TUESDAY NIGHT: M. Clear and Quiet

      Low: 50

      Wind: W 5-15 mph

      WEDNESDAY - M. Sunny & Warm

      High: 85

      Wind: SW/S 10-20 mph

      EXTENDED FORECAST - After some slightly cooler temperatures yesterday, we're rebounding up to the 80s through Thursday under mostly sunny skies. A building upper level ridge of high pressure will keep us clear until a cold front knocks the ridge south on Thursday. This cold front will bring some much cooler temperatures as we head into the weekend! By Friday, temperatures will be sitting in the 60s and 70s. We could also see a few isolated thunderstorms to end to the week, but rain chances remain limited until next week.

      For more weather information, you can follow me on Twitter at @NicoleHartford7 and on Facebook at Storm Search 7 Meteorologist Nicole Hartford.

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      07:14:19 pm

      Today's Record Temperatures

      Record High93F
      Record Low27F

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