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      From Storm Search 7 Meteorologist Nicole Hartford -

      TODAY - Pt.Cloudy & Unseasonably Warm!

      High: 69

      Wind: SW/SE 10-20 mph

      TONIGHT - M. Cloudy, Breezy, & Mild

      Low: 48

      Wind: SE/S 10-20 mph & Gusty

      THANKSGIVING - M. Cloudy w/ W. Scattered T-Storms

      High: 62

      Wind: S/N 15-25 mph

      THURSDAY NIGHT - Rain turning to Freezing Rain & Snow

      Low: 23

      Wind: N 15-25 mph

      EXTENDED FORECAST - Today is looking like a beautiful travel day before the Thanksgiving holiday, but the travel back will not be quite as friendly. Unseasonably warm temperatures continue today ahead of a strong incoming cold front. Isolated thunderstorms will begin late tonight then become more widespread on Thanksgiving Day. We'll reach a high of 62 degrees early in the afternoon with temperatures tumbling in the wake of the stark cold front. As temperatures cool, rain will begin to transition into a wintry mix. Freezing rain is looking possible Friday and Saturday with the northwestern areas picking up on some accumulating snowfall. Because our ground temperatures are still warm, roadways may not be impacted immediately, but as the combination of freezing rain, sleet and snow continues to fall, road conditions will deteriorate. Along with all the wintry weather will come a swift drop in temperatures. Highs (yes, highs) will only climb to the upper 20s and low 30s Friday and Saturday before temperatures rebound back to the 40s by Sunday. Temperatures will remain cool under partly cloudy skies through next week.

      For more weather information, you can follow me on Twitter at @NicoleHartford7 and on Facebook at Storm Search 7 Meteorologist Nicole Hartford.

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      Today's Record Temperatures

      Record High81F
      Record Low8F