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      From Storm Search 7 Meteorologist Alyssa Pawlak -

      TONIGHT- Pt. Cloudy & Mild w/ Iso. Severe T-storms (Eastern Panhandle)

      Low: 61

      Wind: S 10-20 mph

      TUESDAY- M. Sunny and HOT w/ Iso. PM T-Storms (Eastern Panhandle)

      High: 92

      Wind: S 10-20 mph AM / SW 15-25 mph PM

      TUESDAY NIGHT - M. Clear & Mild

      Low: 56

      Wind: S/SW 10-20 mph

      WEDNESDAY- M. Sunny, HOT & Dry

      High: 91

      Wind: SW 10-20 mph

      EXTENDED FORECAST - The eastern Panhandles aren't out of the woods just yet when it comes to severe weather. We're already tracking severe storms that way this evening, and while most of the area will simply be sunny and hot tomorrow, our eastern counties could have yet another round of storms. Once we hit Wednesday, things will be calming down for ALL of us. A weak cold front will bring highs down from the 90s to the 80s for the remainder of the week. Things will remain pleasant through Saturday before more storm chances enter the picture for Sunday and Memorial Day.

      For more weather information, you can follow me on Twitter at @AlyssaPawlak7 and on Facebook at Storm Search 7 Meteorologist Alyssa Pawlak.

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