WT welcomes men's basketball head coach Tom Brown

West Texas A&M University welcomed its new menâ??s basketball head coach Monday, Tom Brown.

Coach Brown was an associate head coach at Winona State University for 16 years.

Heâ??s no stranger to recruiting and building successful basketball programs. The Warriors won two NCAA Division II National Championships in 2006 and 2008 with Coach Brown on the sideline. He helped take Winona to four Elite Eight tournaments.

Coach Brown plans to strengthen the menâ??s basketball program at WT. Heâ??s recruited some of the best players in the country, including three National Player of the Year recipients and six first team All-Americans.

â??I can recruit players, I have to just get out there and see them,â?? Brown said. â??Iâ??m going to be in Houston, Iâ??m going to be in Dallas, Iâ??m going over to Phoenix. Iâ??m going to go find players. Iâ??m still going to have my connections in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. We just have to find the right player that wants to either come out of the winter storm to fly down to Texas to play some ball.â??

As associate head coach at Winona, Coach Brown took the Warriors to 10 NCAA Tournaments. He may be the coach to take the Buffalos to the next level.