WT volleyball season ends

The West Texas A&M volleyball teams stay at the Division II national tournament was a short one.

The South Central Regional Champions ran into a red hot BYU-Hawaii team that never gave WT a chance to get into the match, sweeping the opening quarterfinal game. The 5th ranked Seasiders led by All-American Shih Ting (stella) Chen, rarely trailed in the match and put away WT with a quick 6-0 start in game three. WT yet to beat BYU-Hawaii in three tries. The 9th ranked Volleybuffs finish the season 33-5 as the seniors end their careers at the Elite Eight for a second time.

D-II Elite Eight

round one

5. BYU-HAWAIIã?? 25ã?? 25ã?? 25

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