Waiting Child: Little brother Bentley is looking for a Big Brother

With the calendar showing October, thoughts will soon be turning to families and holidays, but there's an important group that shouldn't be left out.

Little Brothers and Little Sisters need that special someone in their lives throughout the year, but maybe more so toward the end of the year than any other time.

Brush with Art just east of Wolflin Village is a place you can go and paint up a hand picked ceramic, paint it up and create a piece of art. So, a pair of young men loose in a ceramic shop...what could go wrong?

Actually, nothing.

Meet Bentley and Adian. We'll profile Adian next week, but these two got together to do some serious ceramic painting, oddly enough, both chose a dinosaur to be the recipient of their artistic talents.

Bentley is 6 years old and is a 1st grader over at Margaret Wills Elementary. He lives alone with his mother and says being an only child is something that doesn't bother him too much, though he sometimes finds himself kinda bored.

"I'm bored, my mom doesn't always play with me."

Bentley says he's very active and just sitting long enough for an interview was tantamount to torture.

So he's hoping to get matched up with an active Big Brother and he's got a list of activities already planned.

"Go to the park, go out and eat, get toys, play."

He spends his afternoons satying busy...

"I go to thte "Y", I paint, I go outside, football soccer..."

and he's ready to start working on his career...

"Jet Pilot!!, "Why?", "Cause theyre cool? "Really want to be one?" "Yeah"