Venom clinch home field throughout playoffs

The Amarillo Venom (9-2) outlasted the New Mexico Stars (5-6) 88-72 in an aerial shootout. The Venom also clinched the no. 1 seed in the Lone Star Football League, and stayed undefeated at home.

â??We arenâ??t perfect yet, we still have two more games until we are perfect,â?? Amarillo Venom head coach Julian Reese said. The Venom started the game with the ball and quarterback Nate Davis kept it himself on a 46-yard scamper to give the Venom the early 7-0 lead. The Venom outscored the Stars in the first quarter 14-10 with Davis also finding wide receiver Alex Watson on a 23-yard touchdown pass, giving the Venom a 14-10 lead, after a Stars Josh Floyd run. â??We did a good job all the way round,â?? Davis said. â??We did a good job up front, guys getting open downfield whenever I am scrambling, defense pulled through with big stops. We just need to keep working on the little things.â?? The Venom opened the second quarter answering the New Mexico run with one of their own from wide receiver Doug Williams. The ensuing Stars drive, defensive linemen Jared Williams, in his first game back, sacked quarterback Kasey Peters for a safety, giving the Venom the 23-10 lead. On the following Venom drive, though, Davis was intercepted by defensive back Marcus Cortez 37 yards for a touchdown, drawing them closer at 23-17. The Stars and Venom then exchanged touchdowns twice, which would feature a 30-yard redemption touchdown from Nate Davis to wide receiver Raymond â??Flashâ?? Johnson Jr. and Doug Williams running in his second touchdown, putting the Venom up 37-31. The half would end on a muffed kickoff by the Stars and they would fall victim to a kick return safety, ending the half 38-37. The third quarter would be very similar to the first, with the Venom and Stars exchanging touchdowns, two of them to Watson and wide receivers Landrick Brody and Roland Bruno for New Mexico, with the third quarter ending with a score of 52-44 Venom. The action continued well into fourth quarter, starting with Doug Williams catching a 25-yard pass from Davis for a touchdown. Wide receiver Josh Floyd would answer on another touchdown, followed by another touchdown catch by â??Flashâ?? Johnson, and then Dexter Manley on another touchdown for New Mexico, making the score 65-57 Venom. The pattern continued for another exchanged with the receivers being Watson and Manley for the Venom and Stars respectively, 74-64 Venom. The defense would slow down the stars allowing the Venom to finally pull ahead on consecutive Venom drives with a two-yard run by Williams for the third time, and then a touchdown catch by Johnson, making the score 88-64 Venom. The Stars scored on their last drive giving us the final score of 88-72 Venom. â??I am just excited to be back,â?? defensive lineman Jared Williams said. â??I am just playing off the energy that the crowd was giving me. And to have my son in the stands it just gave me a lot of energy and motivation to keep going. We just need to stay on our game plan and trust what our coaches are telling us.â?? While the Venom scored more points than they have all season, they also gave up the most points they have all season. Quarterback Nate Davis threw for 321 yards, seven touchdowns and an interception. Raymond Johnson had 11 catches for 198 yards and three touchdowns, while Alex Watson had four catches for 83 yards and three touchdowns. The Starsâ?? Kasey Peters had 212 yards and seven touchdowns. Wide receivers Roland Bruno and Dexter Manley had six catches for 93 yards and a touchdown, and five catches for 78 yards and three touchdowns respectively. Defensively Jared Williams had two sacks and Davis had a sack. The next home game for the Amarillo Venom will be on July 6 in the playoffs. The opponent is still to be determined.