Two volunteer fire departments partner for Zombie Fun Run

A ccording to the National Fire Department Census, nearly 72 percent of the state's fire department's are volunteer.

There's C laude volunteer fire department and the Washburn fire department, but together the two make up Armstrong county's fire department.

Coordinator Susan Overcast said she's the dedication from the volunteer firefighters always amazes her. "Working together we're raising funds for new fire equipment for both fire departments," she said.

T he two departments have been working long hours together for years covering one of the longest stretches on h wy. 287 , and for the past six months, they've been working to put together the Zombie Fun Run for the communities to come together.

" T his was the brain child of our Washburn Captain, Tim Wilson. He came to my office one day and said 'Craig I got a crazy idea for a fundraiser lets have a zombie run," and I said 'okay, let's do it.'"

T he 5k run included games for kids and a lunch. The run might be filled with wandering-zombie runners, but the funds raised are going to a more serious cause for both fire departments.

" O ne of these events is huge, because the actually funding is not that much. F or example, I'm not apart of the fire department but I hear what they're saying in regards to like a new tire is right about $900 to $1000 and the funding that we get is very limited."

Craig Thomas with Armstrong County Fire Department said, " T here's always that day to day need that our firefighters have so this will go to help that situation right there."

F or some, this job is already a career, but for these guys fire trucks and water hoses aren't their only commitment.

" I mean they all have full time jobs, and they do this in their spare time. I've seen them at the fire station at five in the morning, if needed. I've seen them at midnight."