Tasting victory

Claude Mustangs practice

In Claude, there was a pep in the step at practice. It's been close to three years since the program has seen a win. In fact they scored more points against Anton last Friday than they did all of last season.

"We were pumped, you know we made a goal when I came here, they scored 26 points all of last season, so our goal was to score 26 points in the game, and as fate would have it we scored that by halftime, so I was proud," said first year Claude head coach James Lane.

"It's nice to be the class that turned it around it feels great, we haven't won since I was a freshman," said senior offensive and defensive lineman Tyler Brown.

For the Tulia Hornets the word forfeit came into play last year, but with new coach Randy Scott comes with a new winning attitude.

"We just want to change the way people thought about the program, the way kids think, and have new expectations for our players, coaches and the community," said coach Randy Scott.

"Hard work is what we're starting to learn, and we're learning how to win games, but we can't just rely on hard work, we have to execute on the field day in and day out," said Tulia's running back and safety Cameron Powell.

The 2010 season maybe young for both these squads, but the sky's the limit.

"Playoffs not out of reach for us, that's what we believe, and until someone proves us different were going to think we can," said Lane.

"We're far from done, we have a lot to prove, and we want to show people we can do it," said Powell.