Super Kids Classic event doubles its participants

Bryson Grays, diagnosed with Integrated Sensory Disorder, participated in his second event and raced for the gold.

Some special drivers who couldn't wait to get out on the road in some fast cars waited patiently for the green sign "GO" to be lifted just off Coulter and Ninth.


hildren with special needs participated in the
Amarillo Area Super Kids Classic event. Susan Stokes is on the Board of Directors, and said the event has nearly doubled its number of children participating since the event began in 2010.


ach special needs child is paired with a soap box derby racer

. D

ifferent groups from around the Amarillo area constructed the specialty cars

from the newest car in attendance, the Randall County soap box car, which was a popular one among rancers. Stokes said

it's really a chance for everyone in the community to get involved, from making the cars to racing them


Last year, Patrice Grays' son took 2nd place, but this year he had nothing in mind but the gold.

"There are not that many events in town like this for children with special needs, so this is really special," Grays said. "First place would be nice, but just as long as we all have fun out here."


winner of the race will go onto to compete in
Ohio for the national race.