Steve Nicholson likes to see when members of his gym are up to a challenge.


teve Nicholson likes to see when members of his gym are up to a challenge.

"I think it's great when people come here and forget about the stress in life," said the owner and trainer of Nick's Fight Club in Amarillo. "We have over a thousand people come to the gym during the week. And I get excited to see our members work hard to learn boxing and improve their bodies."

Nick's Fight Club specializes in boxing styled workouts for anyone interested. Nicholson said it's common to see business types, housewives, athletes, and people on a lunchbreak visit the gym throughout the day. The former boxer believes the routine that includes stretching, cardio, hitting the heavy bag, and work inside the ring, is a great and entertaining way to stay interested in what it takes to gain and maintain good health.

"It's definitely not easy," said Nicholson. "But it's so satisfying when you work the program for an hour and complete all of the stages."

Daybreak's Meredith Keller, a member of Nick's Fight Club, recently challenged me to compete against the program. Like Rocky against Apollo Creed in the first Rocky movie, going the distance would constitute a win in this Pitt's Sports Challenge.

Nick's trainers pushed me to the limit in the gym that is typical of real boxing gyms -- hot and busy. But, with the encouragement of Meredith and others, I completed the hour of intense training. And loved it.

"You did it it," said Nicholson. "You passed the challenge. I think you have the talent for boxing. You just need to get into shape."

Considering how exhausted I was after the hour workout, I agree with Nicholson. I am out of shape. But, with the help of Nick's Fight Club, that will not last long.