Spook-O-Ree draws hundreds of Cub Scouts to Camp Don Harrington

Cub scouts from all over the Panhandle rushed to Camp Don Harrington Saturday to get a taste of some traditional Spook-O-Ree fun.

The Golden Spread Council hosted the event for the 24th consecutive year. The activities drew the boys outdoors and make them execute physical trials, all while learning the values of the Cub Scouts.

"Some of our events include BB gun range and bows and arrows and slingshots and wrist rockets," Golden Spread Council Field Director Anthony Escobar said. "We have a bouncy house. We have a spook house. The Amarillo Fire Department is here with their fire truck and gear- all sorts of activities. We have a pumpkin patch where the boys get to carve and paint their own pumpkins and take home to Mom."

More than 540 boys were present for Saturday's Spook-O-Ree and 400 are scheduled to show next week.

More than 1,000 Cub Scouts were recruited in September and for many of them, this was their first experience in the rugged outdoors.

Brayden Ball, who is in his first year of Cub Scouts, said he went to Spook-O-Ree to get away with one of his best friends.

"So I could spend a lot more time with my dad."

Carter Rainey, who is also in Cub Scouts for the first year, brought his dad along, as well.

"'Cause it's fun and you get to shoot bows and arrows and BB guns."

Spook-O-Ree is held over two consecutive weekends due to its building popularity. Saturday's registration had to be cut due to the number of people signing up.

"We want every boy to learn to how to be a good citizen, to learn how to live their life in an ethical and honorable manner," Escobar said. "And we do that. The hook is BB guns and bows and arrows and archery, and it's within the context of the Cub Scout program and all those fun activities that they learn the Cub Scout oath and law, with that begins 'On My Honor.'"