OKC Thunder take the nation by storm

Miami Heat forward LeBron James answers a question during a news conference, Monday

Not even 5 years old, the Oklahoma City Thunder are making their debut in the NBA finals tonight.

The Thunder take on the Miami Heat in the home opener in Oklahoma City.

The game will be broadcast on KVII at 8 p.m.

In 2008, the Seattle SuperSonics relocated to OKC after a dispute between the owner and lawmakers in Seattle. The Thunder made their playoff berth in during the 2009-10 season.

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In the 2010-11 season, the Thunder won their first division title.

This season, the Thunder have taken the nation by storm, capturing their first Western Conference Championship. OKC was the underdog in the playoffs but overtook the favored San Antonio Spurs in six games.

OKC, playing at home tonight, has luck on its side. The team is 8-0 at home in the playoffs. Of those games, the Thunder have won by an average of more than 10 points.

The Heat lost in the finals last season. Lebron James, however, is playing some of his best games yet, analysts say. He is the league MVP.

OKC has its own star, Kevin Durant. He has been the NBA's scoring champion the last three years.

The Thunder have also overtaken social media sites during the playoffs. Fans have strongly embraced the team with hashtags on Twitter like #ThunderUp.

So who do you think will win? The Thunder? Or the Heat?