Not Just For Kicks

The Amarillo High School soccer team is approaching the 2013-14 season with a state tourney mentality.

"We have some really good players coming back this year," said Senior Midfielder Max Tatum. "We made it to the regional finals last year. We're working hard now to give us the best possible chance of making it to the state tournament."

The Sandies took time from a recent mornnig practice to challenge me in a pentalty kick competition. The team agreed I would win the Pitt's Sports Challenge if I could stop at least one of their five shots. Still having a small level of athletic pride in my blood, I accepted the challenge.

"I think you'll have to get lucky to stop a shot," said Conner Lemley, a Senior Defender. "Just watch our hips. Which ever way the hips rotate is the way the ball is going."

Conner's advice was helpful, but it did not make the task any easier. In fact, the Pitt's Sports Challenge was over in a matter of minutes. The Sandies made all five of their shots, without me even putting a finger on one attempt.

"But you did alright," said Sandies Head Coach David Daily. "Those balls are coming pretty fast."

Although I lost the challenge, I did have one shot on goal before I left. And, in case you are wondering, I made it. Maybe the fellows wanted me to feel like I accomplished something while I was out there?