Mr. Gatti's Pizza Manager Challenges Pitt

Greg Almaguer looks forward to the daily challenges of running a business.

"I really enjoy serving my customers," said Almaguer, who manages Mr. Gatti's Pizza in Amarillo. "Running a restaurant is not easy but it's so satisfying."

Even though Almaguer has the challenge of keeping Mr. Gatti's Pizza running smoothly, he recently took a few moments out of his work day to challenge me to a game most of us have seen or played. The basketball shooting game known as Sure Shot has been a family favorite at Mr. Gatti's across the country. I accepted the challenge with visions of an easy Pitt's Sports Challenge win.

"I think we should do a best of three," said Almaguer. "I haven't had much time to play these games here at the restaurant. I think you have a good shot at winning."

Because Almaguer does not have a lot of free time on his hands to play the basketball game, I imagined a two game sweep. Unfortunately for me, it did not work out that way. The Mr. Gatti's manager started the challenge with a bang and won the first game 32-19. The second game was almost identical to the first. Greg won 34-20.

"How about that!" said Almaguer. "I did better than I thought I would."

Although the challenge was already won by Almaguer, I refused to walk away without another shot at a win and asked ProNews 7 photographer Eric Brown to step in for a one game shootout. Eric did not have much luck either. Almaguer won again 33-29.

You can't blame us for trying.