Hummer's Sports Cafe prepares for big game crowd

      Hummer's Sports Café started taking reservations for this year's Big Game.


      big game means food, drinks and rowdy football fans, at least at one sports café in Amarillo.

      Fans at Hummer's Sports Cafe seemed split, Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks.

      Bonnie Foust said she may live in Texas, but it's Broncos all the way.

      "Broncos, no other way, but I really just want to see a good game," Foust said.

      Fans had the choice of watching the big game at home or at a sports bar, and the café proved to be a popular site.

      "We just came to watch the game, and watch people actually because that's the most fun thing to do," Foust said.

      "It's a lot more fun when you're in this kind of atmosphere, out with everybody having a good time and having drinks," Seattle Seahawks fan Andrew Vaughn said.

      Waitress Emma Adams said because of last year's turn out, the café took reservations this year.

      "It's going to get really, really busy," Adams said. "We usually get a lot of people in here, and it usually gets pretty loud and we of course always sell a lot of beer."