ARC supporters hope to raise $6 million of the $38 million needed

The Amarillo Recreation Complex (ARC) will be a free, public sports complex with a swimming pool, eight ball fields, indoor volleyball and basketball.

If voters pass this on Nov. 5th, this complex could become a reality. The ARC would be an extension to the Rick Klein Sports Complex in southeast Amarillo.

"There's always a group that, I guess you can say are nay-sayers. But I think overwhelmingly people that we talked to, in business, at church, people that I know, are overwhelmingly for the Amarillo Recreation Complex," said Tony Freeman with the Amarillo Area Youth Baseball Foundation.

Six million of the approximately $38 million project will be raised through public and private partnerships

"We are very confident we're going to meet that goal," said Vi


ki Bryan with Panhandle Aquatics.

The ARC would mean a tax increase of an average of $25 a year.

Some citizens of Amarillo are opposed to the ARC.

Kenny D. left a comment on the Pronews 7's Facebook page saying "We are sick of being taxed. Fund it yourself,"

A Facebook group called Amarillo Recreation Complex- Vote No To Higher Taxes left a comment that said, "We don't know about you, but it seems every entity is raising taxes trying to "provide something for everyone," so why do we need yet another increase on taxpayers?"

Supporters, however, say the ARC would bring a boost to Amarillo's economy.

"The ability to hosts meets here just enables the city to draw a tax base for sales tax. The number of tournaments and meets that can be held, the ability to have that in our community is so exciting and something we don't have," Bryan said.

This project is expected to take three to four years to complete.