Amarillo mom and pop restaurants surpass those corporately owned, in popularity

Though food and beverage consultants from, The Group 86 can't say what specifically makes a business successful or not, recently, they've noticed popularity in locally owned restaurants.

"One of the things with a local business is, you see the face of the person behind it," said Group 86 Partner Mark Prickett. "You go in, that's the face you see. That person is coming up, "hey how's your lunch or dinner," and that goes a long way with people."

Panhandle Restaurant Group partners said it's that face-to-face contact that keeps their local restaurants like Joe Daddy's, Macaroni Joes, and Joe taco, growing.

"We rely on that," said PRG Partner Colby Monroe. "We're not the big name places with a million dollar advertising budget. So we really have to focus on good food and good service."

Receiving recognition on a state platform for their product was, Tyler's Barbeque. Texas Monthly Magazine recently ranked the BBQ restaurant in the top 50.

"I think that our staff is very friendly, our food quality is fresh, and that's one of the things we always strive for," said Restaurant Owner Tyler Frazer. "We all try and make sure the food is fresh every day."

Frazer says it is an honor to be named in this category and that along with him, many local restaurants take pride in the food they serve.

"I think we have a very broad selection of restaurants," said Frazer. "I think we are very spoiled that we can walk right in to any restaurant, get in, sit down and have food within 10 minutes."

Going hand-in-hand with great food and service is great location. Amarillo is the largest city between Oklahoma City and Albuquerque and PRG said good restaurants in Amarillo are good for the overall economy.