All hail Super Bowl XLVI! Giants or Patriots?

Photo Courtesy of ESPN

Super Bowl XLVI is currently underway, and millions of people across the United States have gathered to cheer on the teams they love and root against the ones they hate.

In the Texas Panhandle, a majority of people are Dallas Cowboys fans. Unfortunately for them, Dallas did not make it to the playoffs this season. So, what are they to do? Do they go with the team that shares the Cowboys' NFC East division or the champions of the opposing AFC?

The Houston Texans won their first playoff game in franchise history, but the winning season came to an end after the divisional round against the Baltimore Ravens.

Nevertheless, football fans across the country are hosting parties and getting rowdy at the local sports bars. Some even say Super Bowl Sunday should be a national holiday.

Kick back, relax and catch the action of the biggest event in the NFL. If your team, like you, is sitting at home, do not fret. A new season is on its way.

The score is now 9-3 New York with 12 minutes left in the second quarter. Who are you rooting for?