WTAMU reacts to being named to 'Most Beautiful Schools' list

      Newsweek and the Daily Beast named West Texas A&M the 21st most beautiful school in the United States.

      In that position, WT outranks many schools in the region.

      â??We're very excited to be recognized by Newsweek," WTâ??s Admissions Office assistant director Alicia Johnson said. "We're glad that we're finally being recognized and everybody else can see what our students and faculty experience on a daily basis. We get to be among this beauty every day!â??

      Newsweek conducted a survey rating male and female attractiveness, campus aesthetics, weather and comfort. WT scored a 7.4 out of 10 for aesthetics and a 38 in the comfort index. â??

      Iâ??m not surprised; I mean looking around the campus it's just gorgeous. The architecture of the buildings, the clock tower, the new improvements, the dorms, the flowers, everything," said Student Body President Nick Goettsche, â??(It) builds into the overall look of the campus, I've always said that and I wasn't surprised but I was very happy to hear that.â??

      Though WT scored high in aesthetics, the Male and female attractiveness scored even higher. WT males received an 8.8 and females and 8.2 out of 10.

      â??Well I do know that a lot of student athletes from other teams approach us and ask us â??hey! who is that on your team? Who's that? Who's that?â?? So I do know that at track meets even there, that's a perfect demonstration of just, that we do have a decent looking crowd at WT,â?? said WT Student Daniel Zewde.

      With being recognized nationally in many different categories, West Texas A&M has a new standard to uphold in the coming school year.