WTAMU places 21st in Newsweek's 'Most Beautiful Schools'

West Texas A&M University was named as the 21st most beautiful school in the nation.

West Texas A&M University has been named as one of the most beautiful schools in the country.

Newsweek and the Daily Beast ranked WTAMU as the 21st "most beautiful college" in the United States.

Survey data was gathered that reflected the number of sunny days per year, attractiveness of students, the campus and the area's comfort index. The comfort index measures humidity and afternoon temperatures.

Male students at WT scores an 8.8 out of 10, edging out the ladies who scored 8.2

The student rating of campus aesthetics scored a 7.4.

Canyon, Texas, is known to have 263 sunny days per year and the area has a comfort index of 38, according to the rankings.

"WT listed as the 21st most beautiful schools, using the attractiveness of the male and female populations?," said WT alumnus Tyler Sweeney on Facebook. "I'll take it!."

WT in recent years has transformed its campus to include a pedestrian mall complete with a buffalo fountain along with several new buildings and dorms.

Newsweek and the Daily Beast also have other lists, including "party schools," "lease affordable" and "most stressful.