Waiting Child: Julian

      Finding an activity in this heat for potential little brothers can be a bit of a challenge...and bowling seemed to be the perfect outing for a pair of brothers, Julian and Giovanni, who have recently joined the Big Brothers program.

      For 11-year old Julian, any chance to get out and go do something tops his activity list. He's a very active young man who's looking for a big brother, and "sedentary" isn't in his character profile as he tries to stay busy.

      "Swim, skateboard, hang with friends, cousins, camp, that's what I like to do."

      He lives with his little brother Giovanni, who we'll introduce you to next week, along with a full house including a mom, sister, and a couple other relatives...but what he doesn't have is a big brother in his life. And he's already got a list of activities he's ready to share with his potential big brother.

      "Go carts, golf, i have some movie tickets and I would take him to whatever movie he wants to go see, go to the park, eat ice cream....just have fun and enjoy my time with a big brother.

      Throwing an elusive strike was a great way to end this game for Julian and his brother Giovanni, hopefully he won't have to wait to find a sometimes elusive big brother. But until that happens, Julian will be waiting.

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