Waiting Child- Miranda

      About a month ago, we met four students--a ll on a waiting list...hoping to get matched up with a Big Brother or Big Sister.

      Until now, we've met little brothers...but tonight, it's the little sister's time to shine with Miranda.

      The numbers are just about right. Three to one in favor of the boys at Emerson Elementary. Usually, there are three to four times as many little brothers on the waiting list as there are little sisters.

      9-year-old Miranda signed up for the program last year and is more than ready to get a big sister.

      "I'd like one and I want to get one," she said. "I signed up last year and hope I get one this year."

      It's uncommon for a little sister to wait very's the big sisters who find themselves waiting for a match.

      Miranda lives with her folks and has an older sister but it's not the same thing as having a big sister, she said.

      "My big sister don't (doesn't) play with me and I want a big sister so we can have fun and stuff."

      Each of these kids, along with every kid in the program is deserving of a big brother or sister. All it takes is a special volunteer who can set aside a couple hours a week. They make all the difference in the world to a little.

      Until that happens...Miranda, and the rest of these guys, will be waiting.

      For more information on Big Brothers Big Sisters of Amarillo, click here or call 251-2210. Big Brothers, Big Sisters is a United Way Organization.