Thousands of educators share experiences and teaching methods

      Thousands of teachers switched roles and became students Wednesday at the Region 16 "I-3" conference -- designed to inspire, innovate, and influence students.

      The Amarillo Civic Center was filled with educators, administrators and teachers attending this year's I-3 conference. It gives area schools a chance to hear from experts in differing and new topics from iPads and cool tools to educating parents and even Facebook, according to Toby Tucker, Superintendent with Claude ISD.

      "Anytime you get hundreds of educators together in a room, there's a lot of idea sharing and things like that and Facebook has been a hot topic this year," said Tucker. "We were invited to come and show idea we had. If we don't promote great things happening in our school, then who will? so we really focused on that and how to keep your shareholders involved with up to the minute and schedule changes, weather updates, and promote your school in a positive way."

      The entire staff from Adrian was also on hand for the conference, knowing that these conferences are lifelines, especially for some of the outlying districts.

      "From our perspective, being a small district, it gives us an opportunity to come here, meet with a lot of other teachers, take the ideas we get from this and that may spur us on to something else. Plus, the motivational messages that our teachers get, give us a head start toward a successful year," Said Mike Norrell, Adrian ISD Superintendent.

      Educators had dozens of classes to attend at the conference, just in time for them to turn what they learned into lessons they can use in their own classrooms.