Teachers spend hundreds for student supplies out of their own pockets

      According to a study, teachers on average spent hundreds on school supplies the past school year.

      According to a study done on the average spending of public school teachers, the average educator spent more than $900 on school supplies in the 2012-2013 school year.

      Marilyn Jackson is the president of the Amarillo Retired Teachers Association and a local retired teacher and principal. She said brand new teachers are often the ones spending the most since they are starting from scratch.

      â??The first year you could be spending $800-$1000 dollars to buy decorations and other stuff to motivate kids,â?? Jackson said.

      In a study done by the Education Market Association, 99.5 percent of public school teachers reported spending their own money on school supplies and instructional material. Teachers spent an average total of $945 with $491 of that total on instructional tools during the last 2012-2013 school year.

      Caprock High School teacher Beth Brannon said her first year as a teacher, she spent a lot on class decorations, but said she later focused on what was necessary to cut some of her costs.

      â??Itâ??s easy to spend a lot of money, but I try to re-use and cut my own costs as much as possible,â?? Brannon said.

      Brannon said the school district provides a lot of extra student and teacher supplies. Brannon said she requested folders, composition books, extra notebook paper, and highlighters to provide for her students if they need extra supplies. She said the school has a good stock to help students.

      â??Students have that boost at the beginning of year that comes on the district supply list and thatâ??s important, but itâ??s super helpful that if a student comes without a pencil, Iâ??ve got that covered. Thatâ??s not something we need to stress about,â?? Brannon said.

      Back to school shoppers we spoke to said theyâ??ve spent $100 to $200 on school supplies. They say while the cost is high, the teacher also contributes a hefty amount.

      â??It may be a lot, but I think itâ??s a small price to contribute to the classroom, and teachers have to put some money of their own in case they run out for the year,â?? back to school shopper Kimberly Holcomb said.

      According to the Amarillo Independent School District, the start of the 2014-2015 school semester is August 25.