Students play dangerous pass out game

      The principal at Stratford High School caught a couple of his students playing a dangerous pass out game in the hallways there. Apparently in this game, one of the students takes deep breaths, while another pounds on his chest. What's more, a couple of days after that, a concerned parent saw the video of kids playing that game on YouTube and called the school worried.

      Principal Paul Uttley tells us he dealt with the students and talked with their parents. He says even though the kids think it might be funny and just a game, his staff and he think otherwise.

      "We have let the kids know that we care, and that is a cliche, but kids don't care about how much you know til they know how much you care, and I think it's just addressing it with the kids and letting them know as it comes and taking the appropriate steps."

      The video has been taken off YouTube, and Uttley is still making plans on how to address the whole student body on how dangerous playing a pass out game can be.