S.O.S. lion's boxing club

      Kids involved in the student's off the streets Lion's boxing club are training hard to see the view from the corner. About 40 kids come to the training center four times a week, just trying to give it that ol' one-two punch. The club is helped out by Catholic Family Services to give kids a place to go after school.

      A buzzer signals the kids when to rotate, take a breather, and work harder. "It's on a 2 minute circuit with 30 second breaks," said Ray Paredes, the assistant coach. But don't get that word "rest" too far engrained in your vocabulary, that's because it's something these kids rarely do.

      "It's actually pretty intense. I'm in the army reserve and I get a better kick out of where we train here," said Greg Anderson, 18, a boxer at the club. Training that's part of Students Off the Streets, or S.O.S.'"

      "Mainly it's to keep the kids, whether male or female off the streets and give them, you know a chance," said Paredes. It's also a chance for the little kids to look up to the big ones, but that's not always the case.

      "Actually, I look up to them. (why's that?) Because, their heart and commitment they put into here, you don't catch a lot of days, or now a days, kids playing video games, and sit on the couch and watch a lot of TV... and they're here," said Anderson. At a place where they can see the view from the corner, but also watch it expand.

      Anderson said, "The best part of boxing for me, is becoming smarter, coach always likes to put it to us, as playing a game of chess - especially when you're sparing or fighting, because in chess you're trying to outsmart the other person, and you have to think as they're thinking. making each move." If you want to check them out they're having a competition March 28th, it's a Saturday.

      The competition will start at 4 pm at the club on 2000 North Spring Street. It's near the intersection of 20th and Spring Street at the S.O.S. Activity Center.