Parent furious at AISD's TB notification procedure

      Kimberly Akins is furious to have found out Tuesday morning through Pronews 7 Facebook page that a student who attends her daughterâ??s middle school was diagnosed with Tuberculosis.

      She said Amarillo Independent School District should have notified all Fannin Middle School parents as soon as the illness was discovered, rather than discovering it hours later on social media.

      Amarillo School District and Amarillo Public Health officials held a press conference Tuesday morning to address the Tuberculosis.

      â??Last night we conducted a meeting with the faculty so that they are aware of the situation,â?? Superintendent Rod Schroder said. â??We have letters going out today to all the students explaining the situation. And then of course we have the parent meeting that will be Wednesday night. Weâ??re also doing a call out to all the parents to make sure that they can get those letters from their children.â??

      Akins said she went to Fannin after finding out about the Tuberculosis and she said she was told her child would not be receiving a letter.

      â??I went up to the school and I asked them, you know whatâ??s going on, and they said thereâ??s a list of students who will receive a letter,â?? Akins said. â??And I said, okay, well is my daughter on there? And all they asked was what grade is she in. And I responded sixth, and they said, oh, sheâ??s not getting one, just eighth grade.â??

      For those parents who received a letter Tuesday, Superintendent Schroder said itâ??s important their child gets tested. The Tuberculosis test will be administered Monday at Fannin Middle School by the health department in conjunction with the principal and school nurse.

      But Akins is concerned that students who did not take home a letter Tuesday are possibly infected.

      â??If these kids are in the same hallways, cafeterias, restrooms, gyms, whoâ??s to say itâ??s not just eighth graders?" Akins said. "Itâ??s not going to be prejudice as to who catches it.â??

      Akins said she will attend the school meeting Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Fannin cafeteria. She said she wants answers to why the Tuberculosis testing is so late and why she wasnâ??t notified soon.

      Pronews 7 will have more information from the school meeting Wednesday.