Pantex cancels summer internship for students

      Pantex has decided to cancel its 2014 summer internship program for students due to a change in management.

      The 2014 Pantex student summer internship program has been cancelled due to change in management.

      Pantex Public Affairs Manager Ed Veiga said Consolidated Nuclear Services (CNS) will take over as of July 1, 2014.

      Current contractor B&W has managed the Amarillo plant for more than 10 years. Veiga said it was B&W's decision to stop the summer program because the transition between companies would take place during the summer.

      Student interns usually work full time during the three months. Pantex encourages students to apply a year in advance due to the time it takes to obtain a security clearance.

      "We recognize that this will be disruptive for a lot of students in terms of plans they made for the summer," Veiga said. "It's just one of those necessary steps that has to be taken to minimize disruption during the transition period."

      Veija also said he cannot speak for CNS, therefore he's not sure if the program will be available for students in 2015.