Panhandle Twenty/20 hosts luncheon for 10th anniversary


      he Panhandle Twenty/20 celebrated their 10th year with a luncheon today. They talked about past accomplishments and what they hope to focus on as they move forward.

      Twenty/20 is an education advocacy group that has worked with many institutions and organizations in the region to lower poverty and increase educational attainment.

      It's been ten years since the organization started and they say there have been changes in the region. "We're having folks that are in low income situations really have access to resources they didnâ??t have before. Access to,maybe, GED programs in our schools, registering in college and going to college and attaining credentials that really help them earn a living wage," said Anette Carlisle, director of Twenty/20.

      Steve Murdock, former state demographer gave at presentation at today's luncheon. Murdock made demographic assessments of the Panhandle region when Twenty/20 first started. "The single best predictor of socioeconomic resources in education," Murdock said.

      "The goals of the region is ensuring that all people in the Panhandle, all youth for example, have the skills and education they need to be competitive is really the challenge. It's also the Texas challenge if you will. It's also in a sense the American challenge," Murdock said.