Pampa ISD implements new technology

      As part of a new one-to-one initiative at Pampa ISD, 1900 Chromebooks will be implemented for classroom and home use.

      In just over a couple weeks when students in Pampa head back to school they will be getting quite the surprise. Over the summer, Pampa Independent School District purchased new technology to use in all middle and high school classrooms.

      As part of a new one-to-one initiative, 1900 Chromebooks will be implemented for classroom and home use. So far, the response has been positive.

      Dennis Boyd, Pampa ISD's network administrator, said this initiative will help students learn how to use more web 2.0 technology or cloud-based technologies that will help at the college level.

      Teachers were offered four classes this summer that involved training on the Chromebook and Google Drive, and the district's director of information technology, Melody Baker, said the teachers are excited.

      Another addition is new wireless internet. This is going to be extremely beneficial for recovering lost data, said Boyd. They'll now be able to back up everything to one location.

      Of course, this is all being done with student success in mind.

      â??I think this is just our first step and weâ??ll just continue to move forward,â?? said Pampa ISD Director of Information Technology, Melody Baker.

      The district says they are going to see how it works in the middle and high school classrooms before they make a decision for the elementary school.