Mother frustrated with school after bullying incident at bus stop

      A mother of a student at Greenways Intermediate School is upset at their lack of disciplinary action towards students that bullied her daughter.

      When her daughter got to a school bus stop in the morning,
      two girls harassed her and hit her. She left to another bus stop but was followed with the other students.

      She was assaulted again at the other bus stop.

      Because it didn't happen on school grounds or on a bus, Canyon Independent School District said they are unable to take any action towards the students.

      Since the school did not take action, the mother turned to the Amarillo Police Department.

      "What we're looking at here is a class C assault," said Jerry Neufeld with Amarillo Police Department. Neufeld said the social term of bullying isn't an actual criminal offense. In cases such as these, he said APD determines whether or not an assault charge can be filed.