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      Librarians use therapy dogs as a stress reliever for students

      I t's not what you would expect to see in a library, but wet noses and wagging tails showed up at West Texas A&M University for Kick Back night.

      L ibrarians at the university said studies show that spending time with therapy dogs can increase a calm and happy environment, so they partnered with the Amarillo Obedience Club to help get dogs over to the library during one of the most stressful times for students, finals week.

      T he dogs spent an hour in the library with students who needed a break from the books.

      "W ere bringing the therapy dogs here from the Amarillo Obedience Club to come and give the students a stress free night, as well as a build your own trail mix, build some stress balls and kind of relax and chill in the library," Librarian Amy Pajewski said.

      L ibrarians prepared to host nearly 100 students.