Historic Alamo gets high-tech photo examination

      SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Researchers are examining the historic Alamo to look into its past and help develop a preservation plan for the future.

      The team led by Texas A&M University is using highly defined digital photography and laser imaging to build a kind of "Google Earth" version of the San Antonio shrine.

      The goal is to map the evolution of the nearly 3-century-old structure to determine which stones were originals as well as develop a preservation plan.

      The Alamo site began in 1724 as a Franciscan mission. It was the site of the siege and battle in 1836 where some 180 defenders died fighting for Texas independence from Mexico. It later had stints as a store and outposts for the Confederate army during the Civil War and other times by the U.S. Army.

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      1/19/2014 9:01:33 AM (GMT -6:00)