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      High school students battle in Pantex Science Bowl

      Students from 20 high schools in the Texas Panhandle went head-to-head in the annual Pantex Science Bowl.

      Are you smarter than students participating in the annual Pantex Science Bowl, considering the questions, it could be a toss-up?

      M ore than 30 teams from different high schools competed in the competition.

      W est Texas A&M University hosted the one day event. The science bowl features 20 schools across the Texas Panhandle who compete in a high stakes battle.

      E ach team can have five competitors, four who compete at a time. The winning team will walk away with a $1,000 check, and a chance to win at the national level.

      "W e definitely want to know more science than what we learn in school ," Amarillo High School Sophomore Ariel Chen said. "I guess just knowing how to deal with pressure and knowing how to answer questions when people are watching is the hardest part."