Do College Students Know Their Own Coverage?

      In a recent New York Times poll, 41 percent of young adults between 18 and 29 said they support President Obama and national health care reform. However, that number is down 11 percent from 2011.

      "I just don't believe Obamacare is good for the country," said Dustin Polasek, a student at West Texas State University. "I'm a military veteran and I believe everyone should work for their keep."

      With national health care dominating headlines since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act this month, opinions have varied on the need for universal health care and the long term effects on the United States economy.

      "I like what the President is doing," Antonio Charles said. "Even though the roll out had problems, it seems national health care will work."

      For this week's installment of Say What!, I joined students at West Texas State University to ask them about their own health care. Who provides the insurance? Does mom and dad still cover them?

      "All I know is my parents cover me," said Charles. "That's it."

      "I have Tri Care because my husband is ex military," Christina Polasek told me with her husband by her side. "It's really good for women having babies."

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