Cadillac Ranch drug free messages

      Students from Amarillo middle schools made their mark on Cadillac ranch today, painting drug free messages on the cars.

      It's a part of the activities for red ribbon week. The students each studied a drug and its dangers, then developed a message to paint on the caddies.

      The activity is designed to get students to understand the dangers, and help the kids realize they're not alone. "It helps you relate that you're not alone. People try and tell you everybody does it, so when you're in a group of people that doesn't, you know you're not the only ones," said Dakota Rackley, from Bonham Middle School.

      Prizes went to Travis middle school, for the most original message about meth. They spray painted, Use Math, Not Meth. Then under their design they had the equation, 1X = 0.

      Impact teens won for the clearest message about tobacco. They incorporated a quote from a tobacco executive answering a question about why he doesn't smoke. The reply the students painted on the Cadillac? "No, we're saving that privilege for the young, poor, stupid, and black."

      Each group's Cadillac will be photographed, and drug-free posters will be created for the schools to display.