Bushland ISD Superintendent retires

      Superindendent John Lemons from Bushland Independent School District is giving up the post after a 30 year career in education in the Panhandle.

      He said it's just time, and he wants to be able to play golf and relax with his grandchildren; but missing out on seeing his students grown is going to be a struggle.

      "That scares me to death because i'm going to miss it so much, absolutely, being around the kids and teachers the whole education scene is very powerful," he continued saying, "I could tell stories for hours - as my first high school principal job over at Randall and then having some of my kids there, have kids out here and even a Randall high kid being a teacher out here, so it means over the last 30 year watching kids grow up and be successful, it's just wonderful."

      Don wood will officially take over for Lemons in July.