Alcohol battle brewing in Dalhart

      The Dalhart Independent School District intends to file a motion opposing a recent application to the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission.

      What it wants to do is prevent the Dalhart United Supermarket from getting a permit to let them sell beer and wine in their store, a store which happens to be across the street from Dalhart Elementary School.

      "Its certainly understandable why someone with the school system would have concerns about the situation," said Eddie Owens, Director of Corporate Communications with United Supermarkets.

      DISD has filed a protest with TABC in Amarillo and also filed a complaint against a city ordinance set back in 1981 that set the lines 300 feet door to door between a store that sells alcohol and a school.

      It's an ordinance United has no problem with.

      "We don't believe that there will be any problems, unless something happens that we're not aware of at this point," said Owens.

      Owens also said that there are a few things that need to be cleared up.

      "Our store in Dalhart previously sold beer and wine and we voluntarily discontinued that practice several years ago, so this is not anything new. Not only to our company but it's not anything new in the Dalhart community."

      But what's the big deal if it's already been sold there before?

      "It's a little easier for young people to buy alcohol through a store like that I think, than it would be through a liquor store because they can't go inside a liquor store until 21 years of age, but you can go into a grocery store no matter what age you are," said Foote.

      "We require all of our checkers to be TABC certified and anyone else who can be certified go through that process," said Owens.

      In a situation like this one only time will tell.

      Owens later went on to say his store is in perfect compliance with the current ordinance.

      What do you think should beer and wine not be sold at the grocery store because it is so close to the elementary school? Let us know in the comments, and vote in our web poll.