The Practicing Parent: Valentines Day Ideas

Unique Ideas to show the kids how much you love them

Of course there's hugs, kisses and candy, but why not try something unique to show the kids you love them?

Here's a few quick websites to check out full of fun ideas. is a parenting website. Some of their special Valentines Day fun includes how to make an "I love you book" and a Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt. They also have a long list of Valentines Day crafts. offers special meal ideas. Cupid's day can include a Valentines Day Heart Dog Omelette for breakfast, a special Mac N' Cheese made with love or a fruit roll-up fortune cookie filled with a loving message. The site gives step-by-step instructions.

Of course is full of ideas as well. Just type "valentine" into the search menu and links to hundreds of websites full of unique ideas appear.

Happy Valentines Day!