The Practicing Parent: Top germ collectors

Cold and flu season is in full force. From flu shots, to herbal juices, to daily vitamins, people everywhere are looking to cut down on exposure to germs.

Dangerous germs are lurking and it may suprise some where they are hiding. Experts say the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to avoid particularly germy places and object during the winter months.

1 - Computer Mouse - studies show that the mouse is the germiest thing in an office, harboring three times as much bacteria as a toilet seat.

2- Computer Keyboard - researchers blame eating at the desk, so try to avoid mid-day snacking.

3- Restaurant Menus - studies show that menus are the germiest items in a restaurant. and cold and flu viruses can survive for 18 hours on hard surfaces.

4- Cell Phones - With people multi-tasking, and bringing devices like their cellphones with them everywhere they go, smartphones can be more contaminated with germs than a public toilet seat. Be careful you switch your cell phone cases and invest in appropriate cleaning solutions.