The Practicing Parent: Texas Farm Girl

Rebecca Crownover grew up farming in the Texas Panhandle. Throughout her teenage years, she helped her grandfather plant, plow and harvest on his farm in Sunray.

"I worked for my grandfather on the farm and he taught me a lot of things about hard-working," Crownover said. "My PawPaw was an amazing person. He was patient, a hard-worker and an incredible role model for me growing up."

It's those life lessons learned on the farm that she wants to pass on through her children's book, Texas Farm Girl.

"A children's book to not only inspire but educate children about farming, but give life lessons and use farming as a vehicle to do that," she said.

The book meant to inspire children in her second release. Her first book, My Daddy is in Heaven with Jesus, is about coping with loss.

"I wanted to minister other children not just my daughter, but other children going through the same stage she had to go through regardless of what age," she said.

At the tender age of 2, her daughter lost her dad to a tragic ATV accident. After her husband's death, Rebecca searched for a book to help her daughter cope. After not finding success, she wrote one of her own.

She says it's for children who have lost a parent, to provide comfort in their time of grief. "Because sometimes we don't always know what to do in those kind of situations and it's something that can really help a child," she said.

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