The Practicing Parent: Safety Tattoo

Safety Tat - temporary child ID tattoos

For kids, a trip to a theme park, the zoo or a ballgame can be thrilling, filled with sights and sounds that must be explored. For Practicing Parents, it can be scary.

It's happened to me, I've been scared. Sure, I've had many conversations with my three-year old son about staying close to me, holding hands, not running away, but all that work went out the window when nothing could hold him back from finding the monkeys at the zoo. In a flash, he was out of my sight and nowhere to be found. In reality, it was only a minute or so, before I found him....but enough time for panic to set in and adrenaline to surge.

I'm not the only Practicing Parent to get anxious about such things.

Katie Gibbons is the mom of two young boys, who, like my son, love to play and discover new things.

"We talk to the kids about hold my hand, stay close, stay by me. But, in a crowded place like Disney World or a theme park... it's just so easy to lose track," Gibbons said.

To keep her kids connected she uses the Safety Tat.
It's a temporary tattoo that parents can write their contact information on. If a family gets separated, a child can show their tattoo to someone in charge.

"I feel it gives a little piece of mind," she said.

The Safety Tat was invented by Michele Welsh who says the product is great for young children.

"We've gotten a lot of feedback from security personnel who say how much of their time is spent looking for someone named "mommy." Young kids sometimes really don't know their parent's mobile phone number or sometimes don't know their parent's name in order to effectively communicate how to get them back reunited with a parent," Welsh said.

The Safety Tats don't stop with phone numbers, there are also tattoos for allergies.

The tattoos are available online. A 6-pack starts at about $11 and they last up to a week.