The Practicing Parent: Safety Seats

Tracy Tellman knows a thing or two about car seats. For the last 14 years as a Child Passenger Safety Technician with the Texas Department of Transportation, she's seen car seat installations of all kinds and the majority of them are improperly installed.

"In my experience in the Texas Panhandle, 95% are not installed properly and it could be very minor or a very major thing," Tracy said.

She says the fix may be simple such as the adjustment of a latch or it may be something bigger, like possibly replacing the car seat so that it fits your child.

"This is what's keeping your child in a vehicle in a wreck. We have to be ready for a crash when we get in the vehicle. Very simple things could make a big difference."

Tracy checks car safety seats for free at the Texas Department of Transportation. She asks that you call her to make an appointment.

Tracy Tellman, Texas Department of Transportation (806) 356-3295