The Practicing Parent: Home Remedies

When a child is sick, sometimes a parent will do just about anything to make them feel better. Many parents turn to home remedies to provide some temporary relief.

Cleveland Clinic Pediatrician Dr. Allison Brindle, says if your infant develops "baby dandruff", or cradle cap, head for the pantry.

"Olive oil is something we all have at home, it's really handy, you can put that on the baby's scalp and let it sit there for a little bit of time then use a comb and lightly comb that baby's hair and you will see the scale start to lift off of the baby's head," Dr. Brindle said.

To calm a cough and help sooth a sore throat, Dr. Brindle says honey has been shown to help school-aged children and may contain some germ fighting properties as well.

To calm diaper rash, she says a small amount of baking soda mixed into the baby's diaper cream may help protect their skin against it, but she says to be sure to avoid rubbing it into broken skin.

When chicken pox and eczema make a child uncomfortable, she recommends an oatmeal bath.

"Eczema, chicken pox, those are conditions, one being more of an autoimmune process, one being a virus- but it causes rashes and it causes itchy skin. So, sometimes we'll talk to parents about doing oatmeal baths. That can be very soothing to the skin to add some oatmeal to the bath water," Dr. Brindle said.

She also recommends talking to your pediatrician before trying any home remedy.

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